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What Is the Most Important Role of Customer Service?

Good customer service is a crucial part of a company’s success and can make all the difference when customers are deciding where their loyalties lie. According to a study done by Microsoft, 90% of consumers consider quality of customer service an important factor when determining whether or not they will do business with a brand or company. Because of this, companies need to ensure that their customer service representatives are providing top notch customer service.

What are the 4 key points of customer service?

Effective customer service can happen in a lot of ways, but there are four key points that companies should consider to have the most impact on the customer experience. Good customer service should be:

  • Competent: It is important that companies hire people who have the necessary customer service representative qualifications to be successful. Clear communication skills, problem-solving, attentive listening, and personability are all qualities that help someone be a good customer service rep. Companies also need to invest their time and money training these customer service representatives to be competent, ensuring that they are knowledgeable about the brand’s products and services as well as have the ability to fix customer issues.
  • Convenient: Customers need to be able to contact customer service on the channel and at the time that is most convenient to them. Omnichannel support is used by many companies, and offers customers multiple channel options such as email, phone, chat, and social media. This also means that companies need to make sure that their reps have the necessary technical skills for customer service.
  • Personalized: Customers need to feel that they are valued and that their problems and concerns are important. This is why clear communication and active listening are two essential customer service associate skills. Customer service associates need to personalize the experience for each customer, even if they are dealing with the same problems and questions over and over again. Customers who feel like they have been heard and that they matter to a company are more likely to remain loyal.
  • Proactive: Customers appreciate when companies take the initiative to let them know if there is an issue, be it with the website, a product, or an order. While it may be an inconvenience or the customer may not be happy about the situation, it ultimately can make customers feel more respected and helps build trust. 

What are the top 3 priorities for a customer service representative?

The top three priorities for a customer service representative are professionalism, patience, and a “people-first” attitude – often referred to as the “Three Ps.” Professionalism refers to the way in which a customer service representative handles the customers. Having high level customer service representative skills such as problem-solving and clear communication skills can be especially beneficial in maintaining professionalism when faced with a rude or angry customer because it allows them to keep a positive attitude and solve problems while diffusing the situation. Patience is also important because every customer’s attitude and level of understanding is different. Customer service reps need to be able to keep their cool and be creative about how they explain things to meet the customer’s needs. A people-first attitude means that the relationship with the customer is at the forefront of all interactions. Customer service reps need to make an effort to connect with the customer and personalize their experience. All three of these should work together and build upon one another to help customer service representatives deliver a positive customer experience.

What is the most important role of customer service?

The most important role of customer service is to make the customer feel valued. No matter whether a customer service rep is answering questions, troubleshooting problems, assisting with setup, or doing any of the number of other duties they could be called upon to do, it should all be done with the mindset of making a customer feel like they matter because, at the end of the day, a business is nothing without its customers.

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