What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center Head?

Row of smiling people at a call center

The call center manager is an important role within a customer service team. Their actions and behaviors will set the tone for how the other members of their team conduct themselves, so a call center head must be a strong leader. What are the roles and responsibilities of a call center head? In a nutshell,…

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What Are the Main Responsibilities of a Call Center Representative?

Line of people on phone last one smiling

Call centers serve as a team of customer service specialists who manage inbound and outbound customer phone calls. They are an important part of any organization because they interact with customers on a daily basis and are often the “face” of a company. What is the job description of a call center receptionist? Call center…

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What Are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Customer Service Agent?

Happy woman wearing a suit and a headset

The role of customer care in an organization is significant because it is a consequential factor for many customers when they are deciding where to spend their money. The quality of customer service that a customer receives can influence their perception of the organization and determine whether or not they will be loyal customers.  What…

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What Are Good Examples of Hard Skills for a Customer Service Rep?

Young woman smiling with headset

When determining the importance of soft skills versus hard skills, there isn’t always a clear front runner. There are some occupations that require a higher level of one over the other, but for many professions, both hard and soft skills are equally important for job success. What is the definition of hard skills? While both…

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What Are Examples of Technical Skills for a Customer Service Rep?

Young woman with headset smiling

Technical skills are important for many jobs, and customer service is no different. There are certain types of technical skills that are beneficial for those working in customer service. Are technical skills hard skills or soft skills? There are a number of skills needed to complete various jobs, and they are broken down into two…

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What Is the Role of a Customer Service Executive?

Young woman with brown hair talking into a headset

Customer service can embody many names and roles, but they all have the same goal – a satisfied customer. Customer service executives have an important role in ensuring that customer service teams are operating efficiently and providing the best customer experience. What are high level customer service skills? Providing excellent customer service requires employees to…

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What Are Five Good Customer Service Traits?

Man smiling talking on headset

Just because customer service representative is typically considered an entry level job, doesn’t mean that it’s always a simple one. Companies should look for people who possess certain traits and skills of a good customer service representative. What are 5 good customer service traits? Being a customer service representative isn’t the easiest job, and there…

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What Is the Most Important Role of Customer Service?

Brown haired lady smiling and talking on headset

Good customer service is a crucial part of a company’s success and can make all the difference when customers are deciding where their loyalties lie. According to a study done by Microsoft, 90% of consumers consider quality of customer service an important factor when determining whether or not they will do business with a brand…

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How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect Recruiting?

AI letters in front of computer board

Gone are the days when people were required to comb through newspapers, peruse local bulletin boards, or speak with various businesses in order to find a job. The internet has made it easier than ever for job seekers and companies to connect, giving both sides more options. However, many companies are finding that there are…

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