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How Often Is Artificial Intelligence Used in Hiring?

Recruiting and hiring new employees can be a very time-intensive process for many companies. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a popular way to streamline this process and allow companies and their human resources departments to work more efficiently.

How often is AI used in hiring?

The use of AI has rapidly increased in recent history. The hiring process can be very time-consuming, so many companies are turning to AI to aid in the recruitment and selection of new employees. A research study done by Zippia found that 35-45% of all companies are using AI in the hiring process, and that number is even larger among recruiters and Fortune 500 companies. 65% of recruiters and 99% of Fortune 500 companies are using AI for the hiring process. With more companies looking to invest in AI recruitment, this number will only continue to rise. Zippia found that, while 67% of companies were funding AI recruitment in 2021, at least 73% are doing so in 2023. Nearly all companies will be investing in AI recruitment if it continues to grow at that same rate. 

How is AI being used in recruiting?

There are many benefits of using AI in recruitment, but the biggest draw is the amount of time it saves companies and recruiters throughout the hiring process. Certain tasks and processes can be automated, and AI can complete them within minutes, instead of the days or weeks it might take a human. AI recruitment software can discern the most qualified candidates for a job by scanning resumes, applications, and other online sources for identified keywords, as well as completing background and reference checks. There are also AI interview tools that can schedule interviews and keep candidates apprised of where they’re at in the hiring process. There is even AI that can conduct interviews or analyze an interviewee’s facial expressions, behaviors, and answers during an interview. Though the benefits are many, the disadvantages of AI in recruitment must also be considered. AI recruitment software can be very expensive, and some companies simply can’t afford to invest the money necessary to utilize it. Even though AI can reduce the amount of human bias, it can perpetuate bias and discrimination if it’s been programmed using data that is prejudiced in some way. Using AI also removes the human component, and this can be off-putting for some candidates, who may feel like they won’t be valued or heard as an employee.

What is the future of AI in the hiring process?

While there is quite a bit of debate about how much of the hiring process will be replaced by AI, there is no doubt that the use of AI technology will be a big part of the future of recruitment. One study done on the future of hiring found that 31% of respondents believe that AI will completely take over the entire recruiting process. Although the majority didn’t agree, many do believe that certain parts, such as screening and sourcing candidates and creating job descriptions, will be replaced by AI tools. However, people will always be needed for certain aspects of the hiring process that simply need a human touch.

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