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How Is Artificial Intelligence Used in Recruitment?

Companies are more frequently turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help them optimize their resources and productivity. Being able to automate processes or tasks, especially in the area of recruitment, increases efficiency and saves time. Because of the ongoing labor shortage and the demand for highly-qualified candidates, a company’s recruitment process is an important part of their success. 

How are companies using AI for recruitment?

A conceptual study on the use of AI in recruitment found that it is a hot topic, with articles abounding on the various types of AI and how they are being used by companies for recruitment. HRTechSeries recently published an article about the groundbreaking ways that AI is being utilized. Background and reference checks are important, though menial, tasks that AI can easily complete. There are also interview robots or programs that use AI to actually conduct interviews or to analyze the interviewee’s behaviors, facial expressions, and answers during an interview. Some software looks at the interview process as a whole to analyze whether candidates are being interviewed fairly and consistently. AI technology such as chatbots and outreach tools allow recruiters to take a more hands-off approach to scheduling interviews, answering questions, and keeping applicants informed. One of the biggest ways that AI is being used in recruitment is to find qualified candidates from applicants or by searching online for prospects. Different kinds of AI software can be programmed to scan for key words and skills either from the resumes of those who have applied or by searching through online sources and profiles. This is used to narrow down a pool of candidates to only those who are considered the best fit for the job.

How is artificial intelligence changing the recruiting process?

The internet has made it easier for companies and job hunters to connect, and AI is changing this process even more. Rather than a recruiter needing to look through hundreds of resumes to identify qualified candidates, they can simply use AI to weed out those who don’t meet the requirements and more quickly find the right person for the job. They can also automate tasks that are menial or repetitive, allowing them more time to focus on other areas. The statistics on AI use in recruitment are telling. An article on Zippia found that 65% of recruiters use AI in the recruitment process, and according to Jobscan, 99% of Fortune 500 companies use automated tracking systems (ATS), a form of AI that helps with the recruitment process.

What is the best software for recruitment?

The most popular software for recruitment are the ATS and the candidate relationship management (CRM) system. The ATS typically combines multiple types of AI to aid in the recruitment and selection process. The CRM is a software program that targets qualified candidates who haven’t applied for the job. While some companies use them independently, the ATS and the CRM work best when paired together. There are hundreds of companies that offer these types of software.

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