Professional Employment Group


Our Process

Hire PEG

Less stress.

  • We take away the stress of recruiting and sorting through applicants and resumes.

Faster results.

  • We stay connected with qualified candidates so that when the need arises, we can fill your position fast.

Better fit talent.

  • Through our rigorous screening and interviewing process, we can find the most qualified and talented candidates for your position.

The Cost

For temporary and temp-to-hire employees, we will agree on an hourly rate that fits your budget. We pay our temporary employee, including all payroll taxes, insurance, and other costs. Our fee comes out of the remaining percentage of that bill rate. For direct-hires, the fee is based on the candidate's annual salary, as well as the level of difficulty in filling the position.

The Timing

The timeframe for successfully finding an employee varies depending on your specific needs. Once we have an understanding of the job opening, your goals, and your requirements, we will be able to give you a more specific timeframe for filling your position.

Screening & Evaluation

Face-to-face interviews:

Regardless of the level of your job opening, we conduct a face-to-face interview with every candidate.

Reference checks:

All references from candidates will be checked and verified. Candidates unable to submit references will be screened out of the process.

Background checks:

At PEG, we can customize our hiring process to meet your unique needs. Whether you need a basic background check performed on a candidate, or a more in-depth statewide check, we can configure our services to meet your specific requirements.

Skills tests:

For engineering, IT, and clerical positions, PEG administers skills tests to ensure a candidate's ability to meet your requirements.

Background Checks

At PEG, we like to mirror the hiring practices of the companies we work with. Depending on your unique hiring needs, we can conduct a basic background check, or a more extensive county or statewide check.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At PEG, we take extensive measures to check in with our clients and follow up on the employees we have placed. You can expect a call from us on the staffer's first day, as well as regularly throughout the assignment. During these follow-up phone calls, we welcome your feedback, both positive and negative. If, at anytime between these phone calls, there is a problem with one of our employees, we ask that you call us immediately or complete our online Employee Evaluation form.

The timecard process has been upgraded. To create a new timecard, you must do so from the assignments tab. Please see link below for further instructions.

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The timecard approval process has been upgraded. Please see the below link for the quick start instructions for a simple guide to complete timecard approvals.

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