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Leading By Example

A Champ for CHAMP

Many businesses these days are looking for ways to give back but it’s safe to say that not as many have the drive to motivate their team to do the same.  PEG Staffing and Recruiting not only involves their team in their philanthropic endeavors but encourages them to get involved and share the missions they’re passionate about supporting.  The goal of the company is to make a difference in people’s lives. That translates to helping improve the lives of its clients who are either looking for employment and also to those who are in search of top-notch candidates.  However, the company doesn’t stop there, their mission extends to their own community and improving the lives of those in the St. Louis area through charitable projects and contributions.

Candace Metcalf has been with PEG since 2011.  Her job as a controller involves all things financial for the company.  She loves the variety of tasks she is able to do in her position because it means she’s never bored.  The camaraderie at the office keeps her on her toes, laughter and joking with her colleagues bring an enhanced experience to what each day brings.  “There is never a dull moment,” she said.  

But it isn’t just the laughter and her role within the company that matters most.  For Candace, her favorite part about working for PEG is actually her co-workers and Karen Spann, President and Owner of PEG. 

“Karen is a wonderful leader,” she explained.  “She truly cares about the well-being of her employees, which I think is a rare quality in a lot of companies.”

According to Candace, Karen’s caring nature makes it easy to care about doing a good job yourself.  It was Karen who thought to share Candace’s story of volunteering because it inspires her and others to get involved in something they’re passionate about.  

Candace and her husband, Ryan, along with their two therapy dogs, Jackson and Gibson, volunteer with CHAMP Assistance Dogs. Through this program, the couple is able to make weekly visits to Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children’s Hospital to serve those undergoing treatments.  Although their work with CHAMP only began in February 2022, they have been volunteering in similar capacities since 2010.  

The pandemic took its toll on nonprofits that serve in the community.  Once things started opening up again, the Metcalfs found the first place they were able to get involved again, which is how they found CHAMPS.  

“CHAMP is a wonderful organization that is filled with dedicated and caring volunteers,” she explained.  

Not only has she been able to get behind the mission of CHAMP, but she also has found joy in serving those who need these furry friends the most.  She explains that the joy a volunteer and their K-9 companion can bring to a patient and their family, hospital nurses and staff alike is remarkable. 
“No matter how bad the patient is feeling or what they have going on in their personal life, for a few brief moments, they can forget about it while they pet your dog,” she said. 

She explains that there are no words that can describe what it feels like to walk into a hospital seeing a child smile from ear to ear at just the sight of a dog. 
“We hear repeatedly from parents and staff, ‘You made our day’ or ‘She [the patient] hasn’t smiled in days’”.

Since she began volunteering nearly 13 years ago, Candace has met some of the most wonderful people who continue to make it all worthwhile.  

For more information about CHAMP, visit www.champdogs.org/therapy-dog-program.

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