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Is It OK to Take a Break After Being Laid Off?

Following a layoff, you may be wondering how you can use this time wisely.  While part of you might want to jump back into finding that next job, another part of you might be looking for ways to enjoy the break.  The decision isn’t as complicated as you think.  Why?  Because the only person who can answer it with confidence is — you!

Do Employers Care If You Were Laid Off?

You might think that some time between jobs will seem like a red flag to potential employers, but what you might not know is that they understand the impact a layoff can have on an individual.  They are more concerned with what you bring to the table in experience and skill than your departure from your previous employer, especially since it was not due to termination.  If the length of time between positions comes into question, answer honestly and be sure you let them know that you have been carefully researching the companies you were interested in joining.  They will likely appreciate being on that list!

What Are the Emotional Stages of Being Laid Off?

Believe it or not, the emotional stages of being laid can mimic grief we experience in other areas of life because it is the loss of something we value.  It is often said that there are seven stages of job loss grief starting with shock and denial, then pain and guilt, followed by anger and bargaining.  This rollercoaster ride of emotions can also lead to depression, especially if you are saying, “I was laid off and they hired someone else.”  Realignment within a company is common so remember to not take it personally, enjoy the chance to have some self-reflection, and keep your mental health in check.

How Do You Cope After Being Laid Off?

If you are going through the stages mentioned above, it’s important to give yourself grace.  Reach out to friends, family, or a trusted professional to share your thoughts and feelings.  It’s also important to engage in activities that foster personal growth, help you to see your worth and invest in your professional development as you move forward. 

Is It Okay to Take a Break After Layoff?

A break might not only be a practical and welcome emotional decision, but it could also be one of the most beneficial to you.  Taking time to decompress before moving forward will give you a clearer mind and a more positive place to start.  Whether you take a vacation or use the time to develop some new skills, the mental space you give yourself might prove to be just what you need to gather your thoughts before taking that next step in your career.  Keep in mind that this time needs to be spent with intention so relax, refresh, and refocus so that your next step can be done with confidence and determination. 


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