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How to Start the New Year Off With a New Career: A Guide for Job Seekers

Now that the new year is in full swing, it’s time to set your eyes on the prize – a new career.  If you’re looking to start your search off on the right foot, you’ve come to the right place.  This blog will help you understand the importance of goal setting, skill development and how both will catapult you into 2024 regardless of the current job market trends.  

It is important to begin setting realistic career goals that are both achievable and measurable.  Try incorporating the acronym, SMART which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.  If you think of goals in this context, you will be ahead of the game when it comes to making strides toward finding the new position that is perfect for you.  

Understanding current market trends such as the industries that continue to see growth and the areas companies are focusing on as the year continues, will be very relevant to the progress of your job search.  As technology continues to evolve and grow with the demand, be sure you are knowledgeable of new innovations affecting your industry, as well as other related fields.  A future employer will find it commendable that you know the industry so well and are capable of adapting to change as it occurs.  Top talent will always be one step ahead of the competition, learning quickly and incorporating new technology into their own skillset.

Remain engaged in social media, especially in your networking groups, which might offer the best chance for you to meet your future employer.  See who is expanding, who might be looking and who you might be interested in pursuing.  Reach out to others in the industry and related fields to see what insight they might have for open positions or opportunities in the near future.  

Update your resume and be sure to include some things that make you stand out including the knowledge of new technologies and expansions in your field, as mentioned earlier.  Don’t forget to mention any marketable skills that may help streamline their processes, making you an even more valuable candidate.  

While searching for a job may be tedious, it is imperative that you continue to focus on your mental health.  Companies can see mental instability from a mile away so take care of yourself.  Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed in your search and focus on the value you will bring to a company.  

For more information, download this checklist for 25 Essential Career Moves for 2024 which will show some actionable steps to help you grow your career, expand your skills, develop new ones and hone in on your personal brand.  

If you take the right steps, you could launch your career into overdrive as you harness the skill of making the right moves in 2024.

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