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Fostering Hope and Love for Four-Legged Friends

Meet Trudi Alexander

As an Executive Assistant at PEG, Trudi is known for her professionalism and dedication. However, it’s her passion for pooches that truly sets her apart! Her journey with animal rescue began long before her tenure at PEG, dating back to her time in the UK. Since 2013, she has been an important part of the St. Louis Senior Dog Project (STLSDP), an organization that, despite its name, rescues dogs and puppies of all ages.

Her volunteer work doesn’t stop there.  Even when she’s on vacations, Trudi makes it a point to make a difference. When in Venice, Florida, Trudi spends time with local organizations like The Humane Society, The Florida Pug Rescue, and Mending Hearts Rescue.

Her lifelong commitment to fostering has lasted over four decades, inspired by her mother’s love and respect for animals. Trudi talks about how her mother’s influence helped her develop the knowledge and ability to care for sick or traumatized dogs and an intuitive sense for pairing the right dog with the right home.

As her primary focus, Trudi shares about the work STLSDP does, primarily rescuing dogs from the notorious puppy mills of Missouri.  What many don’t know is that in places where mass dog breeding exists, so does neglect, especially for non-productive animals. Trudi and other volunteers step in to provide much-needed care and rehabilitation for these dogs. Many of them are purebred or designer crosses, sought after for their size and non-shed qualities but frequently bearing the scars of their previous lives. The journey from rescue to rehabilitation isn’t without trials, often taking months of patient care to prepare these dogs for adoption.

For Trudi, the most impactful aspect of her work is witnessing the small steps of progress made by her foster dogs. The ultimate goal, she says, is finding a forever home for each one, a bittersweet experience that involves a mix of heartache and joy. “Our hearts have to break a little each time so that someone else’s can fill with joy,” she reflects. The happiness on the faces of new adopters and the updates she receives about the dogs in their new homes are her greatest rewards.

Trudi’s commitment extends beyond her volunteer work; it’s also the spirit that she brings into her professional life at PEG. Since joining the company in April 2014, she has found a supportive environment under Karen Spann’s leadership. Before remote work became the norm, Karen allowed Trudi to bring her foster dogs to the office, creating opportunities for socialization and garnering support from the entire staff. Whether it was dog-sitting during meetings or contributing funds, the PEG team has always been eager to help.

PEG’s support for STLSDP has been substantial, including a generous sponsorship of $1,000. This collaboration between Trudi’s passion and her workplace shows the true commitment PEG has to supporting causes that resonate with their employees.

In Trudi Alexander, PEG has not just an exemplary employee but also a beacon of hope and compassion, both within the office and in the wider community. Her story is a testament to the power of passion and the impact one individual can make, both in their career and in voluntary pursuits that truly make a difference.

There are many ways you can support animal rescue organizations, besides simply volunteering.  Check out our digital download for 25 Ways You Can Help Animal Rescue Organizations.

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