Building Healthy Habits for Personal and Professional Growth

The line between personal well-being and professional success is growing increasingly thin in today’s fast-paced world. Building healthy habits is not just about maintaining your physical health; it’s about enhancing your entire life, including your career. Inspired by groundbreaking insights from books like James Clear’s Atomic Habits and Craig Groeschel’s The Power to Change, this…

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Exploring Programmatic Advertising in Recruitment

Man applying to a job on his laptop on his desk

Programmatic advertising is heralding a revolutionary shift in the recruitment landscape, transforming the ad buying process with its automation and efficiency. This innovative approach leverages advanced algorithms and real-time bidding to strategically place job advertisements across the internet, ensuring they reach the most relevant audience with unprecedented precision. The impact of programmatic advertising on recruitment…

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Achieving Balance in Your Personal and Professional Life: An Employer’s Perspective

Concept of work-life balance, writing in notebook.

Achieving Balance in Your Personal and Professional Life: An Employer’s Perspective In today’s fast-paced world, finding the perfect balance between professional commitments and personal fulfillment is more important than ever. At PEG, we understand that the core of our success is the well-being of our team. The same is true for your business as well.…

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Enhancing Employee Retention in a Remote Work Environment

The shift to remote work has presented unique challenges and opportunities for organizations across the globe. As the remote workforce grows, so does the necessity for strategies that enhance employee retention. A focus on cultivating a strong company culture, implementing effective communication practices, tailoring benefits and perks to remote needs, and promoting work-life balance is…

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Building Diversity and Inclusion from the Ground Up

In today’s business landscape, building a diverse and inclusive workplace is not just an ethical imperative but a strategic advantage. Companies like PEG Staffing & Recruiting demonstrate how understanding client and candidate needs, fostering strong relationships, and focusing on high-quality matches are crucial to this process. This article explores practical strategies to enhance diversity in…

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Unlock the Secrets to Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

he current labor market may be on the brink of another significant market shift, according to a recent Deloitte poll of 1,000 workers. A striking finding revealed that 87% are contemplating a career change, a considerable increase from 67% just a year ago in 2023. This shift highlights a pivotal moment for businesses, especially after…

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Are You Prejudiced When You Hire Talent or Interview?

Understanding the psychology of hiring is crucial for both recruiters and job seekers. It involves recognizing the subconscious biases, social dynamics, and decision-making processes that influence hiring outcomes. This knowledge can help organizations make more informed choices and enable candidates to navigate the job market better. Here’s a deep dive into the psychology of hiring,…

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How to Win Big in an Interview

Understanding a company’s culture is essential for job candidates looking for a workplace that aligns with their values, work style, and career goals. An interview is an opportune time to gather insights into the company’s culture beyond what’s available on its website or through other public channels. Here’s a guide to help candidates ask the…

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What to Do After Surviving a Round of Layoff

woman who was laid off standing on steps

The relief of surviving a round of layoffs can be immediately followed by a mix of complex emotions and uncertainty about the future. If you find yourself in this position, here’s a guide to navigating the post-layoff landscape at your workplace. Although the dust may have settled, the unwelcome season of company-wide layoffs likely has…

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