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A Company-Wide Approach to Giving Back

For President and Owner of PEG Staffing and Recruiting, Karen Spann, giving back is an important part of her business model.  On both a personal and professional level, she strives to make a difference in the lives of those around her, making sure she offers this same opportunity to her entire team at PEG.  

She decided to get her team involved after reading about the 100 neediest families in the paper years ago, which her company then adopted for Christmas.  Then, sometime later, after talking with a friend whose sister worked with the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition (FACC), she decided this would be a mission her entire team could get behind.  After learning about the difficulties of providing a good Christmas to children in the foster care system, she sought a way to not only bring smiles to their faces but also to her team at PEG, who now looks forward to the opportunity to get involved as well.  

This year is no exception.  The company donates $1,000 towards the cause and invites everyone to get involved, however they feel inspired to give.  She reminds her team that there’s no obligation to give but that, regardless, they can participate by helping to wrap gifts that will make it to the children.  When hearing that children are often relocated an average of seven times, Karen decided to add a new initiative to their giving this year.  Along with the gifts they’ll be providing, PEG will also purchase duffle bags for the children in which to house their belongings when traveling to a new location.  Traditionally, children have used large black plastic bags to transport their belongings, but now, with the help of their friends at PEG, they’ll have a more dignified way to travel. Included in the bags will be toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, underwear, PJs, and washcloths for each child.

The collection time culminates in a gift-wrapping party, a morning filled with holiday music, gift-wrapping, and fun, followed by a team lunch provided by PEG, just in time for delivery to the children the week before Christmas.

Giving back to the community is just another facet of the mission behind the company.  They exist to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them find employment opportunities that match their skills or by finding the top talent to fill open positions within a company.  For them, it’s simple…it starts with the way they answer the phone, continues in how they treat people, and makes an impact in how they not only provide an opportunity for their clients but also how they serve each other and the community well.  

“You never know how someone is struggling when you pick up the phone.  It’s an opportunity to brighten someone’s day,”  Spann explained.  “Our company’s mission translates to our community which is why we believe it’s important to support charitable efforts in St. Louis.”

She went on to explain that all the organizations they choose to support are at the request of their team members.  “We don’t just want to give money, we want to give of our time too.  And in doing so, we are the ones who are changed.” 

Research shows that helping others releases endorphins which make a person feel happy and satisfied.  Spann said she found it interesting that this same study shows that these endorphins can be stored in our bodies to be used at a later date when extra emotional resources are needed.  So the gift of giving keeps on giving!

PEG Staffing and Recruiting leads by example, showing other companies that they can make a greater impact than simply doing what their job entails.  “We were designed to help others,” Spann said in closing.  “And with so many negative things going on in this world, I believe we are helping to solve a problem by simply doing our part to improve the lives of people right in front of us.  

If you are interested in finding ways for your company or organization to get involved in giving back, take a look at this list of 25 Ways To Get Your Team Involved in Giving. 
For more information about  Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition, visit foster-adopt.org.

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