Professional Employment Group


Call Off Work Instructions

(per PEG's Employee Handbook)

  • PEG’s work schedules and hours are based on client service requirements. As a condition of employment, all employees are expected to adhere to attendance and punctuality requirements as established by their assignment.
  • If you are going to be late for your assignment or have an emergency or illness that prevents you from coming to work, you must call your Recruiter at PEG prior to the start time of your assignment. PEG will call the client and manage the situation. Such notification should include a reason for the absence and an indication of when you can be expected to report for work. Leaving a message in the general voicemail box is not sufficient notification; you must follow up and personally speak with a Recruiter or another member of management.
  • A doctor’s note may be required for medical excuses or illnesses, and other documentation may be requested for various other excuses resulting in missed days from work.
  • It will be at the discretion of PEG and our client to determine what will be considered excessive tardiness, which is grounds for termination from the assignment and PEG’s employment.
  • Once you have accepted an assignment, PEG and our client expect you to complete it. Remember, our clients are depending on YOU!
  • Poor attendance and excessive tardiness will lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Failure to properly notify PEG of your absences or changes to your schedule will lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Employees who are absent from work for one day without giving proper notice to the Company will be considered as having voluntarily resigned and will not be eligible for rehire by PEG.

The timecard process has been upgraded. To create a new timecard, you must do so from the assignments tab. Please see link below for further instructions.

Download Information Proceed to Timecard System

The timecard approval process has been upgraded. Please see the below link for the quick start instructions for a simple guide to complete timecard approvals.

Download Information Proceed to Timecard System