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Payroll FAQs

Q: Can I view my paystubs online?

A: Yes, the Recent Payroll History list can be viewed by selecting the “Payroll” icon located in the upper right corner of your screen. To view a specific week listed in the history, select the View Detail link. From there a printable version can be accessed by selecting the View Printable Check Stub link located in the Paycheck Overview box on the left side of the screen.

Q: When do Webcenter timecards need to be completed and submitted to ensure timely processing of my payroll?

A: PEG would like to have all timecards submitted for approval by 12pm Monday to allow time for supervisors to login and approve them for processing. Ultimately, all Webcenter timecard must to be submitted for approval by 5pm each Monday to ensure there is no delay in processing.

Q: Can I view previously submitted Webcenter timecards?

A: Yes, previously submitted Webcenter timecards can be viewed by selecting the Timecards icon located in the upper right of your screen. From there a search can be initiated by using the Search Archives tool located on the left side of you screen. Select the Company Name and desired date range to pull a list of past Webcenter timecards. A detailed timecard can be accessed from the list by selecting the View Timecard link

Q: Can I change my login password to Webcenter or email address that is linked to Webcenter?

A: Yes on both. A Webcenter user can change their password and email address at any time by selecting the My Settings link in the upper left corner of the screen. The link will direct you to the Personal Setting screen where a new password and email address can be entered.

Q: I am unable to login to my Webcenter account because it is locked.

A: Please contact the PEG payroll department (314-275-2000) during normal business hours and your account will be reset by a Webcenter Administrator.

The timecard process has been upgraded. To create a new timecard, you must do so from the assignments tab. Please see link below for further instructions.

Download Information Proceed to Timecard System

The timecard approval process has been upgraded. Please see the below link for the quick start instructions for a simple guide to complete timecard approvals.

Download Information Proceed to Timecard System