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Payroll and Timecard Instructions

All employees are paid for work performed during the previously completed week. A work week runs from Monday through the following Sunday.

Payroll is processed weekly on Tuesday, unless payday should fall on a holiday, in which case paychecks are processed on the last working day prior to the holiday.

Time Submittal:

When on an assignment, you are required to submit your time to PEG for payment each week.

You alone are responsible for ensuring that PEG receives your complete timecard in a timely manner.

Timecards must be received no later than 5:00p.m (Central Standard Time) on Monday following the work week in order to be processed in payroll. PEG will not be responsible for late or incomplete timecards. Time submitted after the deadline will be processed in the following week’s payroll and will delay your check by a week.

Because our clients will not pay invoices without a signed timecard, we do not accept hours given over the phone.

The following MUST be shown correctly on your timecard:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your social security number.
  3. The week-ending Sunday date.
  4. Your time starting at work, out for lunch, in from lunch, and out for the day. Please use exact time and do not round or estimate your time.
  5. You should also record the beginning and ending time of any split shift or departure from work for personal reasons.
  6. Any expenses submitted for reimbursement such as parking or per diem.
  7. The date for each day you worked.
  8. Your total hours (in hours and minutes) for the week.
  9. Your signature.
  10. Your supervisor’s signature.
  11. The client company name, division, and Job Order #.

Any timecard that has missing or incorrect information could affect your electronic submittal and delay your paycheck. If your timecard is missing any of the information outlined above or if the timecard contains White Out, mark outs or changed information, the timecard will be mailed back to you. This will almost certainly delay the issuance of your paycheck.

Questions can be directed to

The timecard process has been upgraded. To create a new timecard, you must do so from the assignments tab. Please see link below for further instructions.

Download Information Proceed to Timecard System

The timecard approval process has been upgraded. Please see the below link for the quick start instructions for a simple guide to complete timecard approvals.

Download Information Proceed to Timecard System